Golden Gator Gumbo Cook-Off

Gather your friends and start cooking to support The Provenance Institute and Holy Angels at our fourth annual Golden Gator Gumbo Cook-Off on Saturday, March 2nd in Windrush Park. The cook-off will be a laid-back, fun day of friendly competition, good music, and great gumbo.

Your entry puts you in the running for prizes in the judges’ category and people’s choice award and gets you all the gumbo tasting your tongue can handle.  Teams will precook their gumbo from scratch and bring it to the park the day of the event and serve to the public and the judges.


Teams are encouraged to decorate their area with a theme to attract more People’s Choice nominations and compete for the “Best Booth” prize.  Teams must furnish their cooking equipment. Electricity is available. Each team will be given 1-6ft table, and 1 chair.

The Provenance Institute will provide tasting cups, tasting utensils, and napkins.

Gumbo must be pre-cooked before the event. The main ingredient of the gumbo may include meat, poultry, shellfish, alligator or deer meat. Spices and secret ingredients may be used for seasoning purposes. Please furnish a minimum of 3 gallons of gumbo. Teams are required to give out samples (approx. ¼ cup) of their gumbo as a taste to the public in the provided cups.

1. AROMA–should smell appetizing
2. CONSISTENCY– should be smooth combination meat/seafood or roux
3. COLOR–should look appetizing
4. TASTE–should taste good, pleasing to the palate
5. AFTERTASTE–should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing

a) Best Seafood Gumbo
b) Best Non-Seafood Gumbo
c) Most Creative/Daring Creations
d) People’s Choice – Selected by total votes submitted by the public
e) Best Booth

Live judging begins at 11:30am

Bring your official Golden Gator Gumbo beverage cup, and join us at Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen for the official after-party beginning at 1pm.


Frank Harris of Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen and Frank’s Pizza Napolatena

Jason Brady of Wine Country & Parish Taceaux
Tom Ramsey of Chef Tom Ramsey


Sign up here:

Golden Gator Gumbo Cook-Off

Think you're the Gumbo master!? Prove it at the 4th Annual Gumbo Cook-Off! Free registration and a guaranteed good time!

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