Windrush Park is home to many of Provenance’s major events like the Farmers Market, Concerts in the Park, Piano and Art in the Park, and Shakespeare in the Park.  Resident events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Crawfish Boil are also held in the park.

An old homesite, the park is a beautiful, elevated piece of property, and neighbors know to wait until its chestnut tree blooms before announcing the end of winter each year.

The Children’s Playground at Windrush Park features a giant swing set, see-saw, picnic benches, tire swings, and more. Always open, Windrush Park is a great place for kids and families to spend time outside under shady trees or in the sunshine.

There is an additional smaller playground located by Windrush Lake at the front of the community.

Greenleaf Park, located by the Provenance Pool, Basketball Court and Clubhouse also offers wide open spaces for games like kickball, frisbee, tag, yoga and other outdoor fun!

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