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Published Sept. 12, 2023 (southcaddoparishjournal.com)

The Catahoula weekend commenced with a spectacular Chef’s Dinner on Friday, September 9, set in “Catahoula Park” against the backdrop of the brand-new amphitheater in Provenance. Eight renowned chefs showcased their culinary skills, expertly pairing each course with exquisite wines. Among the distinguished chefs were Gabriel Balderas of Zuzul Coastal Cuisine, Gio Brucia of Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe, Oscar Davis of Frank’s Pizza Napoletana, Anthony Felan of Fat Calf Brasserie, Chelsea Girard of Cypress by the Revenir, Eleazar Mondragon of Ki’ Mexico, Audrey Parker of Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen, and Jordan Ramirez of Chow Yum Phat, collectively executing a menu that delighted the discerning palates in attendance. The evening was enhanced by the beats of DJ John Lomax, leaving guests anticipating the festivities of the following day.

Chef Blake Jackson reflects on the event, saying, “We are so fortunate to have this level of culinary talent in our area, let alone all together at one event like Catahoula! The top-notch food, backed up by unique and thoughtful wine selections, are what continue to help push this event to the next level – year after year.”

Saturday at the Catahoula Wine Mixer calls guests to embark on a global culinary adventure. Welcomed by a champagne wine wall, guests have their first peek at the experiences that lie ahead. With the creative touch of Lauren and Derrek Simmons with C&C Mercantile, Windrush Park was transformed into a vibrant display of sights, sounds, and flavors.

Italy enticed visitors with delectable offerings from Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe and Fat Calf Brasserie. France showcased the artistry of Cypress by the Revenir and Chow Yum Phat. QMajor the Violinist brought his electric energy to keep the crowd moving.

Next, it was on to California for a dose of laid-back SoCal vibes, bites from Frank’s Pizza Napoletana and Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen, and soothing sounds from Victoria Wells. The adventure continued with a vibrant Latin America stop, anchored by Ki’ Mexico and DJ Yoshi, closing out the fete.

Event organizer Matt Snyder shares his enthusiasm: “It’s awesome to work with Provenance to bring this unique wine and food event to South Shreveport.” The Catahoula Wine Mixer is produced by Matt Snyder with PinPoint Local Marketing, Chef Blake Jackson, and Audrey Robinson with Idea Path.

As the sun set, the sound of laughter and clinking glasses lingered in the air. The combined efforts of chefs, organizers, and creative minds elevated this year’s Catahoula to a new level that promises a bright future for this South Shreveport tradition.

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