Provenance Homeowners Recognized for Curb Appeal Excellence by HGTV in Spring 2021

May and June 2021 Issues HGTV Magazine

In May and June of 2021, HGTV Magazine featured four homes in Provenance along with their homeowners!

The magazine article focused on the exterior architecture, paint color selections, shutters, landscaping, door mats, outdoor furniture choices, and front door styles of each home to help people be able to copy the curb appeal.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

“When we built our place, we wanted both traditional and contemporary style. Bricks salvaged from an old building in a nearby town give the porch character while the aluminum overhang and paint colors make it fresh.” – The Mitchells

“We modeled the exterior of our home after one we saw on a trip to New Orleans, re-creating its special elements with the double gallery and the wrought iron railings.” – The Jimenez Family

“I first toured the house mid-construction and I wasn’t sure about the dark green siding, since my previous homes were all lighter. Once I saw it complete, with a blue door and X railings, I adored how cozy it looked.” – Mary Ann Bargmann

“I had the house built near me for my dad,” says Betsy Snow. “Its ocean blues reflect his love of sailing.” As much as the contrast between the door and shutters stands out, the real eye candy here is that sweet light blue ceiling.” 

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