2021 Home Design Trend – The Necessity of a Home Office

by Camille Tharpe, Provenance Sales Designer

Camille Tharpe Provenance Sales Designer

An amenity more and more homebuyers will be searching for in the future will be a home office.  The idea of adding on an entire addition to your home simply to create  a home office can be daunting.  There are so many other ways to create working spaces in your home that don’t involve a remodel, and won’t become an eyesore.

Murphy desks are a great way to hide school or office supplies, and they don’t take up valuable square footage in the home.  Murphy desks can be as elaborate and as custom as you wish, or they can be a simple and inexpensive fix.  Get with an interior designer to create a timeless, built in murphy desk that’s integrated into your living room built-ins, or even disguised in your kitchen cabinets! If that seems like too big of a project for you right now, Wayfair sells ready-made murphy desks that can be hung in your playroom, upstairs landing, or child’s bedroom.

Another great option for creating a home office is to utilize a wide coat closet, if your home has one.  Hall closets can be a great space to hide a home office in.  Open closet doors while sitting at your desk, and close them to hide the mess left behind.  If you’re thinking about building a new home, ask your architect or designer about incorporating a small space in the hallway designated as an office, and able to be closed off when not in use.

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