Invest in Your Outdoor Space – 2021 Home Design Trend

by Provenance Sales Designer, Camille Tharpe

Camille Tharpe Provenance Sales Designer

COVID has taught us many things, one of them being the importance of our outside space.  One bright spot of the pandemic is that it has reconnected many of us with the outdoors.  Creating a versatile outdoor space that the entire family can enjoy is crucial.  The best advice I can give when helping someone create an outdoor space is to identify those outside activities that they partake in the most.   Whether it be gardening, playing with the kids or dogs, basking in the sun, or entertaining friends, create a space that completely encapsulates your needs.  Blend beauty and functionality into one in your backyard.  

Smaller yards are the norm here in Provenance, so here are some tips on how to create a stunning outdoor space in your compact backyard. 

  • Garden in containers.  Soil can be a scarcity in some of our yards, so use planters to grow vegetables, flowers, or small trees.  Topiaries are always a classic, elegant staple on porches, and they’re not as hard as you may think to craft yourself, you just need a lot of patience.  If you’re going for a more natural look, plant a variety of heights in your planters to achieve a more organic feel.
  • Grow a living fence. Growing a living fence is a great way to visually expand your yard.  Living fences may sound daunting and elaborate, but they can be as simple as creating a wire lattice and growing vines along it.  If you want to add a fragrant twist, grow jasmine along your lattice instead!
  • Create a focal point. Adding a central element to your yard draws the eye to that space and can make a small yard feel less cluttered, or overwhelming.  Add sentiment to your outdoor space with a sculpture that holds meaning.  Take the kids or grandkids out to pick out a piece together!  Fountains are another outdoor statement piece that add a sense of calm and can help you unwind after a long day with their gentle trickle.    
  • Keep your yard open to sunshine. Most every home in Provenance has a side porch of some kind, so keep your yard space exposed and airy.  Avoid closing in your yard with awning or pergolas.  Not only does this visually decrease the size of your yard, but it can also limit usable gardening space.  Exposure to sunshine helps us to stay calm and focused, so soak up the serotonin and keep your yard sunny! 
  • Garden vertically. When outdoor square footage is lacking, garden upwards!  Minimize your gardening footprint by using vertical planters, and utilizing fence space.  Hang planters on your fence to create playful color patterns, and the best part is, no sore backs from bending over!  Fences literally close in yards, and by minimizing the amount of fencing we see, we mentally open up that space. 

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