The Front Porch: A Way to Connect During COVID by Sales Designer, Camille Tharpe

Camille Tharpe Provenance Sales Designer

Connecting with our neighbors has become more important than ever.  For many of us, they were the only people we had access to during quarantine.  One aspect of our homes that a lot of people used daily during quarantine, but maybe didn’t use as much before, is the front porch.  The front porch has always been a central part of southern culture, and it plays a large role in Provenance, but today it means much more than a nice aesthetic.  Porches are one of the best ways to make connections with your neighbors, especially when you aren’t able to congregate inside.  Consider creating a space for you and your family that is open, inviting, spacious and gives you the ability to manipulate the temperature.

Crafting a porch that is comfortable as well as beautiful is key.  Invest in furniture that you want to sit in as much as the furniture inside your home.  Try the furniture before you buy it to be sure… all the more reason to shop local!  Corner Collection on Line Avenue has a large selection of outdoor furniture and accessories that marry comfort and beauty.

Having the ability to control the temperature on your porch allows you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round, and is a great talking point when selling your home.  In Louisiana, ideal temperature conditions are few and far between, so adding a fan, mister, space heater, or all three is a great way to make our porches a pleasant space in the summer and winter.  When looking for a home, people will put a lot more thought into the front porch than before, so it’s great idea to invest in your porch for yourself and for resale value as well.

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