Are you currently looking for a new home in Provenance or recently purchased a Shreveport new home? If so, one of the most fun parts of moving into a new home is being able to start with a blank canvas and decorating it however you please! With the New Year now in full swing, why not get ahead of the crowd and start decorating your home with some of the décor trends 2017 has on the horizon! After searching the best design resources, House Beautiful has determined the top design trends we can expect to see in 2017, and should be considered for your new home.

The first trend is going to be joining a “monthly club.” These are becoming more and more popular across the board for companies, and home design is no different. Think of it as décor at your door, because that literally is what you’ll be getting. You can subscribe to the monthly décor option of your choice, and have décor treats at your door each month to help brighten your home.

Pendant lighting is another thing you will want to add to your home next year, if you don’t have any already. Gone are the days of traditional chandeliers or lighting fixtures and now is the day of gorgeous and unique statement pendant lights.

The desk is making its comeback into homes as well in 2017. New styles of desks are being added to rooms in the home to take people off of searching their laptop from their bed, to retreating to a unique desk. There are high quality, high gloss options that look great and add great functionality to your home you didn’t even know you were lacking!

Mixing metals will also be on your to-do list for home décor to come. This means platinum, gold, copper and steel can all mesh together and look great. As long as it is metallic, it can go together in 2017.

Next, the trend in bedding linens is to liven them up with pizzazz. Gone are the days of stark white sheets in bedrooms and next year expect to see patterns upon patterns when it comes to bedding décor.

For your small corners, adding small yet tall pedestals is a great way to exhibit some home décor, a plant or a sculpture. It adds plenty of appeal while taking up minimal space.

Then, time to pull out your grandmother’s tableware! The return of the traditional tableware will be returning to kitchens near you in 2017. So bring out your gravy boats and footed bowls. These will now be necessary members of your tablescape.

Another wave making its return is fabric wall art. If you are a designer, you’ll ne thrilled to learn that Robert Allen is paper-backing almost all of its textiles for a flat fee from silks to damasks.

Incorporating one or more of these trends in your home décor for 2017will have you ahead of the game!

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