If you are planning to sell your home in the near future or have been thinking of purchasing a Shreveport new home and putting your older home on the market, there are 7 key details you will want to remember when that time comes. Provenance shares these 7 things to keep on your list when the time comes to sell your home.

Selling your home will be about the details. Homebuyers looking for a new home, in particular your home when it hits the market, will pay close attention to the details of your home that you will want to be sure to not overlook. Below are some of the details that you will want to make sure you address before putting the for sale sign in your yard.

  • Detail #1: Clear the corners of your home. What exactly does this mean? Take a look at the corners of your home that often can get overlooked. Are the corners of your rooms cluttered with furniture, piled high with clutter or even completely bare? All of these things can be a negative when it comes to selling your home. Corners can bring two spaces of your home together just by adding a plant, a table or even putting a reading nook up to add interest. Keep your corner spaces simple and avoid adding too many photos or things in general, which will create a cluttered look.
  • Detail #2: Make the bed in every room. Details matter when selling a home and while it may sound like a basic step, it isn’t one that is always done when homes are being showed. Make sure every bed in your home is neatly made, giving the overall appearance of your home a cleaner and refined look.
  • Detail #3: Rethink the accessories in your home. Pay attention to what you have on display and where in your home. Are the accessories in your home complimenting the design? Or are they cluttering the space? Remove old, outdated or dingy items as well. You can easily add new life to a room by adding some new throw pillows on the couch and some new neutral towels to the bathrooms. It is also a good idea to add some natural elements like flowers to your home to bring some natural life and added color to the space.
  • Detail #4: Utilize the vertical space in your home to your advantage. Sellers tend to leave items at eye level or below because it makes them easy to access. If you have tall and barren walls, it is a good idea to look for floating shelves or a vertical tall piece of furniture to fill those bare spaces.
  • Detail #5: If you are selling an older home, change the outlet covers and switch plates or give them a good cleaning with a microfiber cloth or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Outlet covers are cheap to replace, so it often looks best to just comb over your home and give all of the outlets new coverings.
  • Detail #6: Another item that gets overlooked when selling a home but can make a big impact is the hardware. Start in the front of your house and make notes throughout of places you can update and replace old hardware, what will aesthetically make a nice update to buyers.
  • Detail #7: Lastly, re-grout the tile in your home to prevent the homes age from showing through. The best places and places that need it the most to re-grout are in the bathroom, around the floor, walls, countertop and shower.

These simple 7 tips can make a world of difference your home when it comes time to sell. Call Provenance Realty Group today for more information about how to get your home ready to sell!

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